Alloy dispenser

Our Alloy Dispenser is an essential mechanical item if you need to make automatic brazing processes. Alloy Dispenser was designed to work with our Induction Generator mod. EGMA, associated with Infrared Optical Sensor Using this Item you avoid to place alloy ring. Use of Alloy Dispenser, at place of alloy ring, give some benefits:
  1. you can decide quantity of alloy you want give in brazing process
  2. productive process is cheap, you avoid to produce wire ring and you avoid manual operation to insert wire ring on pipe
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About Alloy Wire you can use different kind of wires, best choice is alloy wire complete with deoxidizer, because you avoid manual operation to give deoxidizer. You even can use standard alloy wire but and in this case you will have to place deoxidizer before brazing. Our Alloy Dispenser to work needs following supplies:
  • electrical 400/3/50Hz
  • Air compress 6 bars
Electrical supply an electric motor which move wire alloy Air compress is used to actuate an pneumatic piston (placed inside Alloy Dispenser) which move ahead Alloy Dispenser of 70 mm
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This fast movement allow to Alloy Dispenser to reach Brazing Point and even it is useful because sometimes it is impossible upload and download piece on Brazing Station having Alloy Dispenser. So Alloy Dispenser has got 2 position:
  1. first is "reset position"
  2. second is "brazing position"
Alloy Dispenser is complete of External Module Control containing Electrical Driver Motor which supply Electric Motor placed on Alloy Dispenser.
CONTROL MODULE Cabinet size: 350W X 300D X 400H
On front Panel of it there are following Manual Keys:
  • Wire Alloy forward (to upload wire)
  • Wire Alloy backward (to download wire)
  • How to Use and Main Features
  • Block Diagram and Electrical Connections
  • Technical Drawing

How to Use

User will have to connect Alloy Dispenser as showed in next page and then he will have to set all Brazing Process Parameters on Generator EGMA. User will have to manage Piston on Alloy Dispenser


  • Wire diameter usable: from 1 up to 2 mm
  • Wire speedy, adjustable from 3 up to 30 mm/seconds
  • Wire Alloy Speedy very soft and precise (by 10 turns knob)
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User will have to connect own signals only to EGMA Generator and all Brazing Process Parameters will be set on ‘PROCESS CONTROL” placed on Front Panel of EGMA User will have even to give Air Compress to Alloy Dispenser for fast movement which allows to reach Brazing Position

Technical Drawing