Inductive Heating Generators

The heating of metals by means of “induction system” it is definitely the most widespread method in the industrial fields. This supremacy comes from the benefits that this system can grant and the main ones are:
  • very high energy yields
  • aimed and thermo-controlled heating
  • low pollution rate
  • free flames free process
  • very low maintenance costs
Felmi's Inductive Heating Generators are, always, developing and improving devices. This happens thanks to the Company Management which believes that a steady investments policy in R&D is one of the irremissible conditions for keeping Felmi in the top list of reliable suppliers.

Nowadays Felmi's range of Generators can offer a wide choice of state of the art devices, operator's friendly, with compact overall dimensions, very high outputs, easy to service and fully reliable.
The main common characteristics of Felmi's Generators are the following ones:
  1. The use, as components, of IGBT and/or Mosfet Transistors:these transistors are used instead of the traditional and hold style Generators with Triodes. The use of the above mentioned Transistors grants a number of advantages:
    • Much higher outputs combined with energy savings. We are talking about a 95% output compared with a 65% output which is the average for generators with triodes.
    • The "Solid state" technology allows the manufacturing of very compact devices.
    • Drastically reduced service and spare parts costs. This because with these transistors (which theoretically can last for ever) the need of replacing the triodes when worn doesn't exist anymore.

  2. Heating Head: all Felmi's Generators can count on a Heating Head separate from the Power and Control cabinet. This design and manufacturing solution grants a superb flexibility and easy handling of the device. It also facilitates the application of the heating source onto the automatic or semi-automatic work station and allows – on lower power models – the manual use of the device.

Felmi's Inductive Heating Generators can boast a Power range which goes from 6 to 120 Kw and a Frequency range from 50 to 300 kHz.

Machines 'range is divided in two main Product Lines:

from 6 to 30 KW from 40 to 120 KW
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  • very high energy yields