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The inductor, or more precisely the designing of its geometric structure, is a step which very often is decisive for the good result of induction heating process. To get to the proper achievement of the shape of the inductor, besides the necessary theoretical bases, a long experience is requested in all the possible application fields (hardening, welding, etc.).
FELMI, taking advantage of its long experience and of its wide technical knowledge, studies and designs inside its company all the inductors to be coupled to its Induction Generators.
The designing includes the electrical dimensioning phase as well as the mechanical phase. The above one is carried out thanks to 3D CAD programs (see the show designing examples).
The manufacturing of the inductors is carried out internally, in the production department or, when necessary, it is carried out externally by means of skilled and reliable partners. The range of FELMI inductors is really wide; from the simple inductors made of copper with no coating up to big size carburized inductors
Check the photogallery to see different inductors' families.
  • Welding/Brazing
  • Surface hardening
  • Shrinking on
  • Forging/deforming
  • Multiple heating
  • Continuous heating
  • Special Inductors
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