Cooling systems for generators

A prerogative of the induction generators is to be cooled by means of water and also the products manufactured by FELMI do not escape from this requirement. Meet this need can often be very difficult for the End User since, has not always access to water, with suitable characteristics, in own production units.
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In order to offer a comprehensive supply "turnkey", FELMI has created, within its premises, a production department in which builds chillers Autonomous precisely intended for the cooling of own generators.

One of the leading equipment of the entire range of generators produced by our Company is certainly the integrated version of "cooler" of EGMA series. This product uses precisely a cooler built directly from FELMI.

This solution allows the end customer to have only one contact person / Manufacturer for the post sales support, which is not possible when the manufacturer of the refrigerator is an another company.

FELMI produces water chillers with 10 kW max  power refrigerated capacity and offers them primarily to cool the electronics part's power of generators Induction series KOSS

The chiller is proposed in cases where the customer does not have water inside his production unit; in other cases where the customer has the appropriate industrial water as temperature, but not suitable as features, it offers a Group water/water exchange.








Group water/water exchange


This cooling system is proposed in cases where the End User has industrial water with suitable temperature (not exceeding 22 degrees C) but not such as hardness and amount of solids / impurities contained in the water itself.

The industrial water is used, by the use of a heat exchanger with stainless steel plates, to cool a closed circuit of distilled water. This distilled water circuit cools the generator Induction.   The Exchange Group consists of the following parts:
  • Stainless tank cap. 70 liters (contains distilled water)
  • Removable stainless steel plate heat exchanger
  • Stainless steel multi-stage pump prevalence 50 mt - 30 / lt / min
  • Flow switch on the primary circuit (industrial water)
  • Flow switch on the secondary circuit (distilled water)
  • Control panel

Technical features

Power  400/3/50
Power consumption 2,0 KVA
Dissipative capacity depending on model
Temp. Water Outlet 25 ° C (with 22 industrial water)

Autonomous chiller ER 1H10 S



Cooler, refrigerator or Group, is a completely self-contained unit for cooling closed circuit water.

The apparatus of monobloc type, is bound to an internal installation and the refrigerant gas cooling takes place by means of an air condenser.

The fans are positioned on the top floor with the air flow upward.

The heat exchange between the refrigerant gas and the water to be cooled takes place via exchanger brazed stainless steel plates.

The cooler is equipped with a digital thermostat for setting and displaying the water temperature.

The frame consists of a structure closed by sheet metal panels.

Painting Type: powder color RAL 7032 Dimensions: 710L x 900P X 1350H mm


On the Refrigerator Group has entered the front control panel with the following controls and indicators


  • Main switch

  • Water level Good
  • Pre-alarm water level
  • water temperature

Spies alarms:

  • Thermal Fan
  • Thermal pumps
  • High press. Gas
  • Low press. Gas
  • Low Water Flow
  • Low water level


The Refrigerator Group is the hydraulic system including the circulation of water for cooling.

The plant comprises:

  • Stainless tank cap. 50 liters
  • Stainless steel multi-stage pump prevalence 70 mt - 1 / lt / min

Technical features:

Power 400/3/50
Power consumptio 6,5 KVA
Energy dissipated 10 KW at 33 degrees
Environment Temp. Water outlet 22-24 °C
Refrigerant R407C